Asthma: how to use an inhaler

Asthma: how to use an inhaler

MDIs and powder inhalers are very effective against asthma, but their use can be tedious, especially in children. 

Asthma medications work on the airways and are divided into two groups. dulera inhaler is the best inhaler for treatment.


They allow for example to avoid the occurrence of an asthma attack before the practice of a sport. They facilitate breathing and act quickly, within ten to thirty minutes. Some have a reduced duration of action (from four to six hours), while for others, it lasts between twelve and twenty-four hours. They are not devoid of side effects: trembling hands, anxiety, palpitations. These side effects are unpleasant, but not dangerous to health.


They reduce inflammation, feeling of congestion and secretions. However, they do not act immediately. A hoarse voice and mycotic infections of the oral cavity (thrush) are among the fairly common side effects. Rinsing the mouth after each product inhalation will prevent these problems. In case of prolonged use in children, we can observe growth disorders.

The metered dose inhaler

It consists of a container (a metal tube) inserted into a plastic case. When the container is pushed down, it sprays a puff.

It is best for children to use a spacer inhaler with spacer . Why ? Because the spacer slows the rate at which the drug is released. In the absence of a spacer, the product will immediately be sent into the mouth and throat, and less will reach the lungs. The spacer is also called the aerosol holding chamber. 

The spacer is particularly recommended (especially in children) when it comes to corticosteroids, to avoid irritation or inflammation of the mouth. In young children, it is advisable tobecause toddlers may have difficulty sticking their lips around the mouthpiece. When the child is older, he / she can use a mouthpiece spacer that releases the drug more effectively into the airways.

The powder inhaler

He asks for a deep inspiration. Some are equipped with a turning mechanism. The children do it with a little practice. Most powder inhalers contain enough product for 50, 60 or even 100 or 200 puffs. Each model has its own mode of use. By inhaling the powder, the patient can feel a sensation of tingling or itching in the throat, but this is not systematic and it disappears very quickly. You can buy it cheaply by using dulera coupon on Prescription Hope.

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