G13 Auto-Flowering Seeds: A Modern Wonder

While shopping for cannabis strains in the market, one comes across several varieties. However, few can be regarded as legendary as the G13 variety. While popular in the world of stoners, it received mainstream status after being featured in the movie American Beauty.

G13 is one of the most mysterious strains available in the market. Some conspiracy theorists claim it was prepared in a secret laboratory in the USA. Nonetheless, its medical benefits and potency cannot be disputed.

The auto-flowering seeds are a wonderful variety, with their growers reaping benefits in almost three months. Such spurt of growth is possible only because breeders crossed the G13 strain with a ruderalis strain which remains undisclosed till date.

The results have been truly remarkable. The new variety is smaller as compared to the original but bears the same creamy taste with a woody and sweet scent. This fast-growing herb results in an elevation of the mind in the truest sense.


Growth process of G13 auto-flowering seeds

This little herb requires around two months three weeks for growing from a seed to be ready for harvest. Despite its fast growth, its high-yielding ability is never lost. Now, G13 seeds for sale of autoflower variety are widely available everywhere.


Scent and flavour

This is one sweet-smelling plant with a fruity punch to it. A slightly non-traditional smell, one can say if scent of wild berries are up your alley, this is the variety for you. The bud on the other hand, has more of an earthy taste.


Effect on the body

Despite being an Indica-heavy strain, the initial effects of G13 arise from its THC and Sativa content.

Users experience a bout of euphoria, followed by a sudden surge of motivating and vigorous attitude, allowing you to contemplate on things at your own pace.  Wait for a few minutes and you will experience a sensation similar to an electrical surge throughout the body. Once the high is reached, a feeling of lethargy and laziness followed by calm and bliss is reached.


Medical effects

Its therapeutic and pharmaceutical properties, has made it quite popular among cannabis enthusiasts. People leading busy lives or those experiencing life’s ups and downs, prefer using this herb to seek relief. Not only does it keep stress, depression and anxiety at bay, you also get to feel relaxed after coming back from work.

This weed is also useful in treating body aches and pains. PMS, headache, muscle spasms etc. all can be treated easily. This is also ideal for insomniacs as its tranquilising properties ensure that deep sleep. For those suffering from eating disorders, G13 help regain their appetite.

While there are sellers everywhere, you can find G13 seeds for sale of the autoflowering variety at cheap prices.

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