How You Can Safely Use Your Cell Phone to Protect Yourself from Radiation

How You Can Safely Use Your Cell Phone to Protect Yourself from Radiation

The use of cell phones has skyrocketed in recent years, and cell phones have become part of our lives. Most everyone has a cell phone, and even children have cell phones. But the use of cell phones being so widespread brings with it some concerns as well. First and foremost, what are the effects of cell phones on our health?

We all know that cell phones emit radiation (as do other gadgets and appliances), but since we use cell phones all the time, our exposure to cell phone radiation is higher compared to other devices. Also, we use cell phones by placing them against our ears – and this can certainly lead to a higher level of exposure to radiation as well. If you are concerned about your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones when using cell phones, here’s how you can safely use your cell phone to protect yourself from radiation.

Tips for safe cell phone use

  • Most of us have cell phone covers which protect our cell phones from getting damaged. But the thing is that most of us opt for covers which cover the whole cell phone – and these types of covers can do more harm than good. Why? Because with such a cover, the cell phone has to work harder so that it can get a signal, and this leads to more emissions of electromagnetic fields. It’s better to choose a cover just for the back of your cell phone rather than a cover for the entire cell phone. One more thing: when you have a cover just for the back of your cell phone, always place it with the covered part next to your body rather than the side which is open (this is where the radiation comes from).
  • Most of us know that it’s better to use a cell phone on speaker mode rather than putting it directly against our ear, but if it’s not possible to do this and you need headphones, opt for the next best thing: use ‘air tube’ ear or headphones. These are different from standard ear or headphones in that they don’t have metal wiring for transmitting sound; instead they have a tube that is hollow. These kinds of ear or headphones are not expensive, and they allow you to use your cell phone more conveniently and safely.
  • When you have to go out with your cell phone, the worst place where you could store your cell phone is in your pocket. Keep it in a purse or bag.
  • Try to limit your cell phone use if you don’t have a strong signal. The cell phone will work doubly hard to get a signal, which means a higher level of electromagnetic fields. If you can, send a text message.
  • Use a device for cell phone radiation protection. There are shields and chips available which can protect you and your loved ones from the radiation emitted by your cell phone. Take advantage of them.
  • Many people tend to sleep with their cell phones next to them at night – stop this right away. Try not to place your cell phone on your bedside table, either.
  • Cell phones are part of our daily lives, but if you have to use them, use them just for streaming video or audio or for downloading or uploading large files. Avoid placing calls whenever you can.


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