Eating eggs is one of the common habits of man. An average American will consume more than 200 eggs annually which can be harmful to the health. I’m not not here to bore you with stories but to shed light to reasons why egg-free alternatives are better options.

To start with, virtually everyone would have heard of the “egg-free diet” or “how to live egg free”. This article will explain why egg-free alternatives should be part of you immediately.

Think of egg free alternatives because;

Eggs are super high in cholesterol

It’s an undisputed fact that egg contains high cholesterol. Plus the fact that almost everyone living and eating across the globe are not lacking cholesterol, they are rather consuming more cholesterol than expected.

Research and studies have shown that an egg contains about 187 mg of cholesterol and when taken over time is detrimental to human health.

Experts have also added that taking egg daily increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. A recent study also added that consuming one egg per day is as bad for the heart as smoking five sticks of cigarettes a day.

Cancer risk

Liver cancer has been traced back to the consumption of eggs. Also, men who eat one egg a day have shown to be twice at risk of having prostate cancer.

Additionally, one of the compounds found in eggs (choline) is converted into a toxin called trimethylamine by a bacteria present in the gut.

The toxins formed have been found to increase the risk of stroke, heart attacks and can lead to premature death.

Are you yet to be convinced that there is a need to opt for egg-free alternatives? Let’s move on.

They are intelligent animals

Test for the cognitive, emotional and behavioral complexity on animals have shown that chicken outshines or performs better than other pets (dogs and cats).

This farm animal feels pleasure, excitement, fear, pain, depression and lots more. They are far more aware of what happens in their environment, they are also intelligent than other pets.

If egg-free alternatives are not for you, then it’s important to highlight the fact that chickens do not just live for the present, they can also live and anticipate what will happen in the future, they have self-control and to crown it all they are unique creatures.

Bacteria and pesticides

Egg contains Salmonella, a bacterium that can survive most cooking methods including boiling, sunny-side up, omelets and scrambling.

Salmonella is a leading cause of food poisoning and has resulted in the hospitalization of patients.

Addiction to egg is what makes people believe that opting for egg-free alternatives might not be a good option. It is not so easy to quit but a rational human being will definitely consider the factors explained in the article and opt for egg-free alternatives.

Think of egg free alternatives and don’t put yourself at risk.

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