Your haircare routine is miss treading your hair. Its essential that you know what ingredients in shampoos only help your short term look and which helps your hair in long term.

You probably don’t know that silicons are polymers.There main purpose is sealing in many fields.

Given the popular inclusion of silicone in hair care goods, however, we thought we’d bring in some information what silicone’s are really doing to our tresses.


Silicone’s are an efficient element ordinarily used in haircare goods. Producers like them because they have good results for the haircare as well. They are providing a beautiful slip and shine, can help smooth and straighten your hair.


Silicone’s does have favorable side effects in haircare products as well. The artificial silicone layer make destroyed hair appear healthy by covering each single hair. Silicone protects each hair, by making it smooth and glossy by adding a silicon protection layer to each strand.

Silicone’s have unusually several names and can normally recognized by names ending with “cone”.

THE Negative effects from the silicone’s !!!!!

Silicone’s are non organic and mineral oil based.It is often used as a seal against water as well as air. The negative side effects of this artificial layer is huge. ts a unreal glow which will give you only the fantasy of healthy hair. The shine we shine is when its natural and kept as healthy as possible.

The silicone cover will make the hair lifeless over the time the volume of your hair will go away because of the additional weight. It prevents moisture from penetrating the hair and your hair becomes like a magnet for dirt and other ingredients.

For a little time it helps for your look but over the time your hair will get dry and that will lead to frizz and if you are unlucky to hair breakage. Your hair will get dry, because the proteins added in your hair care products can not reach the hair because of the silicon layer.


The, silicone is very hydrophobic, meaning they do not washout of your hair, and so the silicone layers will adding up layer by layer. This lets your hair feeling really heavy as well as greasy.

We’ve found when your hair feels greasy, consumers will wash and style their hair even more adding a additional damage due to the added silicone. This is called the cycle of damage.


Silicone is really bad for curly hair because the silicone buildup will get stuck in the curls, weighing them down and cause even more disadvantages than on straight hair. Because of the extra weight, your curls the volume and lift will vanish which gives a really bad look.

So especially if you have curly hair and no volume be careful with silicone.


Non-water-soluble means that it does not dissolve in water, so you have to use a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup.

Everything ingredients ending on “cone” will make the hair feeling heavy and with no volume.

Have a close look for “Dimethicone” they are the most hard to get rid from the hair.

What is the product for you.

There is plenty of interesting information in the WWW nowadays.

A really interesting page you can find under …..

Look at the ingredient list and have a look at the ingredients of the brand. Don’t believe everything it says on the label. There is also another way to check what is in the bottle. The other is the net which provides this details also.

The higher the product is on the product list, the higher the percentage of that element you will find in the product.

The summary !!!

This days there are many silicone free haircare goods on the market. The best for the health of your hair are vegan or only natural products.

They are a little bit more expensive but do not make compromises on the health and beauty. For the health of your hair and your beauty you should only give the best to your body. Vegan products with no silicone cost only a little more and are the perfect haircare products in long time.