Packages meet the rigors and demands

Package testing is an essential aspect of logistics and ensuring that all of your packages meet the rigors and demands of getting through the supply chain. While most distribution channels are aware of this practice, few know the different types of package testing available from testing centers, such as Here are four of the most common package tests to ensure that your packages are viable during the shipping process.


If you are in the medical field, then you will be very familiar with medical package testing. This is absolutely essential in ensuring that medications don’t spoil during the shipping process and that other medical supplies remain sanitary. Failing to perform this testing can cost businesses thousands of dollars and may even risk lives.

The most common testing in this regard includes accelerated aging to ensure that the contents remain viable, seal strength tests against heat and stress and overall performance testing against drops, vibrations and high altitudes.


Even the most experienced distribution centers can sometimes have problems with regulations. This type of package testing does two things. It first ensures that the package is within legal regulations for shipping, and then it tests the package’s validity to protect against common shipping stress.

This is essential for any package that is considered dangerous. That includes packages containing infectious diseases, lightweight packaging for bulk shipments and liquid hazardous materials.


If you are shipping packages through unusual environments or if the contents inside are unstable, then this type of testing will ensure that everything remains safe. Standard testing in this regard includes stress testing against cracks and shelf life testing to see if the package remains viable after going through extreme temperatures or aging.

UV testing is also quite common here. It will expose the package to intense amounts of UV light. This is essential if you are shipping products that can react to light.


Distribution testing is very open-ended and must be coordinated with the testing facility. That’s because this checks every section of the distribution channel for problems with shipping. If you need comprehensive testing for any reason, then this is the best way to do it.


Package testing is a necessary part of any large distribution company. From ensuring that the packages arrive without damage to checking the validity of contents after applying stress, this will help you maximize profits while keeping clients happy.