Award-Winning Clinics Offering Innovative Procedures in Australia

Academy Laser Clinics offer advanced cosmetic procedures and laser treatments for those who are concerned about the effects of aging. From our facilities in Perth and Sydney, we help our clients using innovative techniques and technologies. Our team is made of experienced Aesthetic Nurses, Doctors and Dermal Therapists trained to offer various treatments including the signature Thread Lift.

Also known as Silhouette Thread Lift, this is an innovative procedure by Academy Laser Clinics to provide clients a younger looking appearance without surgery. Getting a facelift before this technology was a big gamble but this thread lift promises near-instant results without pain or downtime. The process of getting this done is so fast that this has now become a ‘lunchtime’ beauty
treatment. During your visit to Academy Laser Clinics, the skilled cosmetic nurse will inject dissolvable threads into your skin. Each thread has a soft cone full of bio-stimulating dermal fillers designed to hold the threads and create an internal mesh for the skin. It is a non-invasive process through which threads are injected using a needle. It is an application of the process of compression and elevation to achieve tightness or volume in the area where the soft threads are placed.

After the procedure is over you will instantly notice the tone and lift. Over the next weeks, results will continue to improve as the threads keep integrating with facial tissue. If you want longer lasting results, try a combination of the thread lift and dermal fillers. You must also continue caring for your skin by cleaning it, eating healthy and other skin rejuvenation regimens available.

The Cosmetic Nurse must assess you and decide how many pairs of the soft thread are needed to give you lift. A pair costs $2200 AUD while four threads will set you back about  $2,900 AUD. At Academy Laser Clinics extra threads go for $600 AUD but only the nurse can tell how much you need, and contact the clinic to keep up to date with regular offers.

There is an ever increasing number of men looking for penis enlargement Australia. CALIBRE offer a non surgical procedure with proven results. This is a special product for men that helps deal with their most secret problem. While many men hide their discomfort with the penis, as many as 60% do have an issue with the shape or girth of their penis. To help deal with this issue, Dr. Jayson Oates developed CALIBRE; an innovative procedure to help increase penile girth.

The process involves the injection of  dermal fillers just below the penis skin. This process borrows from the technique used to deliver fillers to the skin since the early 1990s. If you get 15ml of dermal filler at the CALIBRE Clinic the flaccid circumference of your penis increases by about an inch. This translates to a penis that is 0.5-0.7 inches when erect. In addition to giving you a thicker shaft, the more filler you have injected over time will lead to an increase in the flaccid length of your penis.

After this procedure is that you have a two-week window where any irregularities can be corrected. Besides the shaft, CALIBRE is also recommended for the head and glans in order to maintain symmetry. This is a painless procedure that doesn’t affect your erection, nor is there a loss of sensation during intercourse.

CALIBRE Clinic treats men of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes. It is a private environment where you can openly discuss the problem knowing it will be fixed. Our skilled Cosmetic Nurses and Doctors have been trained on the system by Dr. Oates himself so you are in the right hands at our award-winning clinics.

For men who suffer erectile dysfunction, life may be devoid of sexual pleasure. This has a negative effect on the emotional and social functioning of the individual but with the PRP procedure at CALIBRE Clinics, you can claim back your erections. Platelet Rich Plasma injections are a natural alternative to Viagra or other medications. PRP involves the injection of blood drawn from your body. The nurse prepares this blood to make sure there is a high concentration of plasma in order to activate stem cells and release growth factors for tissue repair. With regular PRP injections, you will experience increased sensation, steadier injections, and better sexual experiences. Results ideally last a year or more depending on aging factors and lifestyle.

Academy Face and Body is Perth’s first hospital and cosmetic clinic to be licensed by the government. This is a testament to our world-class offerings at
Academy Face & Body. This clinic offers cosmetic surgery, dermal therapy and anti-aging therapies for men and women.

Wrinkles are enough to dampen one’s spirits and confidence but wrinkle injections can be a great way to combat these. The cosmetic nurses and surgeons are at your service and will explain everything about your anti-aging treatment. We usually recommend wrinkle relaxers for clients who want to achieve a youthful look without going under the knife.

Our expertly delivered injections will not leave you with an expressionless face as we only target specific parts of the face. Results will manifest in seven days or so and after two weeks you will enjoy a natural appearance that doesn’t tell a tale of anti-wrinkle injections. Academy Face & Body uses cutting-edge techniques to remove pain from all cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Jayson Oates is an innovative professional who develops therapies for the modern age. The aim is to give people the desired image without depriving them of precious work or family time. As a result, the anti-wrinkle injections at our clinic take about an hour and you don’t have to endure weeks of bed rest. Our clients will come in during lunch break and leave with a transformation to last
months. Academy Face & Body is indeed the place to go for a youthful, glowing skin that doesn’t speak for the years you’ve been living.