Bone Grafting Allows Patients With Reduced Jawbone Density to Receive Dental Implants

Before a person can have dental implants placed, there must be enough bone density and strength in the jaw to support those implant rods. Most patients have no problems with this, but others have reduced bone density due to osteoporosis, years of smoking or other issues. If you are facing this problemz a dentist in wheeling il who performs oral surgery can do bone grafting to build up the jaw.

Several kinds of materials are used for grafting. All stimulate the growth of new bone, which is important for the success of this process.

Animal Bone

Bovine bone, or bone from cows, is often used for grafting. The material is sterilized before being placed in the mouth. It is appreciated for being safe and for the body accepting it well. New bone cells gradually replace the bovine bone.

Donor Bone

Some patients do not feel comfortable with the option of donor bone because the material comes from cadavers. Others are grateful that the deceased person had been thoughtful enough to register as an organ and tissue donor.

There is a small risk that the patient’s body will reject this bone, but otherwise, the graft functions the way other standard grafting materials do.


Dentists and patients alike tend to prefer autografts for this procedure. Some of the patient’s own bone is removed from elsewhere in the body and transferred to the jawbone. The risk of rejection is almost zero. Patients also appreciate knowing exactly where this bone has come from: they own it. The main problems are that two operations are required and the area from which bone was removed is likely to hurt afterwards until healing is complete.


Another option is to graft synthetic material to the bone. With some substances, the body will safely and gradually absorb and degrade the material while replacing it with new bone. Other materials remain in place permanently and new bone grows on top of the graft. Rejection risk is low, but not as low as with autografts.

Concluding Thoughts

Dentists typically will not provide implants for patients who continue to smoke or chew tobacco. The failure rate for the implants is too high. If this is the reason you need bone grafting, there’s no better time to quit.

Otherwise, you can begin looking forward to getting your new natural-looking teeth replacements very soon from a clinic such as Northwest Implant Dental Spa.