Convenience for having Master medical check up

We have heard many proverbs related to our health like health is wealth and prevention is better than cure. If we will take care of ourselves and our dear ones, life of every person will be easy and they will enjoy it. Motive of such proverbs will be solved when we apply these in our day to day life. For having better and happily life, you should have to go to doctor’s clinic once in a year or twice in a year. It completely depends on you that how much you are aware about your health. For this, must go to master health checkup. Due to change in life style, many new problems have come in life which may be solved at their early stages otherwise they will become major problem for us.

Medical science is on beyond and solution of every disease is available but thing is that you should aware about your health, if you do not have any interest to live peacefully, then what the doctor can do. If you feel sudden change in your body or did not get relax after doing first ad therapy, consult to your health physician so that he can guide you about your health problem and you will be able to take necessary steps to prevent this disease. Medical checkup will also tell you what change you have to do in your life style and which things you have to avoid.

No surgery or operation is required in health checkup. Simple test and screening will be done in health checkup which includes:

  • General physical test like blood pressure rate, body weight
  • Lab tests include
  • Liver function test
  • Kidney function test
  • Lipid profile
  • Complete haemogram
  • Chest X – ray
  • Blood sugar test
  • Urine routine examination
  • Ultrasonography of the abdomen

There are many benefits of master health checkup packages, that will live you long and happy life. Some benefits of medical checkup are:

Prevention is better than cure – it will be good if you prevent your diseases to develop at major level. This can be done if you know about it when it has to be developed. In the lab tests and screening tests, all health problems will be detected so that you can do changes according to your health.

Blood test – when you visit to a doctor, you can ask for blood test. In the blood test, various diseases can be found and may be prevented. So, it is good to know about your problems which can be prevented through a blood test.  Blood test is one which helps the doctor to evaluate your problems related to liver, thyroid, kidney and heart.