Family Relationships With An Addict

Every person in the family of an addict is equally affected in one way or the other. Addiction impact’s a family’s financial condition, health, and mental well-being. In the recent years, the society has shifted from the typical joint family to the nuclear families. One reason for such a change is the drug addiction of people. If a drug addict’s family has a child, he or she is the most affected one. The same applies to the older and aged persons, the wife of the house and other important members.

Each addict has a different family scenario. No one’s family scene is the same as that of the others. As a result, it gets difficult to draw a relationship between the abused substance and functioning of the family. It should be noted that in almost all families, the effect of addicts is negative and sordid.

In each family every member plays a significant role to maintain the balance and stability of the family. When a drug addict is present in a family, the whole scenario of the family undergoes a topsy-turvy situation. The lighthouse treatment center assigned six different roles to all the members of the family. This is done to understand the functioning of the family in and around the user of alcohol.

  • The Enabler

The enabler is a non-addicted wife or partner or an elder child living with a single-parent. The enabler looks after and takes responsibility of the things that are said to be the work of the addict. He or she keeps an eye on the finances, ensures that the children do their work and gives excuses on behalf of the addict in all spheres. The enabler frequently denies about the intensity of the problem of the addict.

  • The Hero

The role of the hero is generally played by a child little older in the family. He or she has achieved much more and looks serious. They take on responsibilities of the household. These responsibilities fall heavy on their developmental age. They often play the role of their parents. The person in the role of the hero hankers after making things perfect. This makes it very difficult to carry on and maintain.

  • The Scapegoat

Scapegoats are generally the child who intentionally ill behaves and showcases rude behavior to the family. These people are often bullied in school as well as at home. When these people step to adolescent and eventually adulthood, most of them land into problems with legal affairs as well.

  • The Mascot

Mascots, although live in an unhealthy home environment, use wit to lighten situations. The mascot knows that his or her comic act will bring a temporary relief and calmness to all the members of the family. He or she will carry on with this role in order to secure parity and comfort at home.

  • The Lost Child

This person is secluded from the rest of the members of the family. He or she faces a troubled relationship. The lost child has problems in mixing with people in the society. He often fantasizes. They do this to deviate their minds from the unhealthy environment at home.

  • The Addict

There are many alcohol consumers who feel ashamed, guilt-stricken and remorseful about their painful behavior they’ve caused to their family members. However, still many addicts do not want to stop their addiction. They create great rage in the household and its members.