German technology invested in China to boost up the eye treatment overall

EuroEyes is an International eye restorative centre committed to all your eye mind needs. We are world pioneers in Eye Laser (grin, LASIK), Lens (Multifocal, ICL) and Cataract Surgery to for all time free you off your glasses and contact focal points. Benefits likewise incorporate general vision mind, PC vision checks, glaucoma, macular ailment and pediatrics. We are multilingual and are arranged in the heart of Pudong (Jin Mao Tower).

It’s a group from Germany

EuroEyes Clinical Group from Germany opened its first laser eye surgery focal point of China — EuroEyes Deshijia Eye Clinic in J Life Center in Shanghai. Amid the Opening Ceremony, the “Jincai Shijia” philanthropy extend started by the China Children and Teenagers Fund (CCTF) going for securing the eye wellbeing of the youngsters in China likewise propelled.

Dr. Joern Joergensen, viewed as one of the main experts in the field of refractive surgery, set up in 1993 the principal eye surgery centre, which gave excimer laser surgeries, presbyopia surgeries and the surgeries of waterfalls and prevailing in the primary excimer laser surgery in Europe. In November 2010, Euroeyes proposed to extend its market in China. With the support of the Hamburg Liaison Office Shanghai, EuroEyes Deshijia Eye Clinic was set up and won the practice permit of restorative foundation in China in mid 2013. The organizer Dr. Joern Joergensen has trust in the advancement of EuroEyes Deshijia in China:” Euroeyes is the principal International eye facility ensured by German affirmations standard. With our involvement over the most recent 20 years and more than 300,000 effectively finished eye surgeries, we will give our Chinese clients the best treatment joining uncompromising quality, security and mastery of laser eye surgery made in German.” As the principal proficient European eye clinical establishment in China, the opening of EuroEyes accomplished solid support from both German and China. In November 2011, the Hamburg first leader Mr. Olaf Schultz was in participation at the pre-propelling Ceremony of this venture. On the 25th of March, Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau propelled 28 activities empowering and supporting social capital including remote cash-flow to set up restorative foundations, which made Dr. Joergensen more certain of the improvement of the EuroEyes China.


People will be benefitted a lot by this step of EuroEyes

What EuroEyes conveys to China is not just the most developed Equipment around the world, a group of expert specialists from Germany and European institutionalized administration, additionally brings the common esteem and the social obligation of a German organization to China. The EuroEyes Clinical Group thinks of it as an obligation to collaborate with the beneficent associations worldwide and supports every one of the specialists, staff and patients to share the feeling of social duty of EuroEyes, to give free eye treatment to the eye patients living in poor and uncultured ranges and to enhance their life quality. This time, The EuroEyes Clinical Group and Jinmao Group take dynamic part in the “Jincai Shijia” philanthropy extend, which means to empower the visually impaired and eye incapacitated kids to get the examination and treatment in time. Magnificent expert specialists of the EuroEyes will give free finding and treatment to underprivileged kids and contribute their reality class proficient capacity to the group advancement in China. The venture will begin from the school for the Blind Kids in Shanghai.

Customary examination and further treatment will be offered, proficient learning of eye wellbeing particularly for the kids with low vision will be advanced to their folks and instructors in school. In the meantime, EuroEyes likewise collaborates with the Jiangsu Children and Teenagers Fund. Kids’ eye wellbeing related pilot ventures will be propelled in Jiangsu. At the starting Ceremony, Dr. Joergensen said genuinely: “We are glad for the way that the EuroEyes is the main medicinal foundation, which bolsters this venture. We will stick to give the vision impeded youngsters with therapeutic help and try our earnest attempts to enhance the life nature of these kids.”

Eye treatment was never been so easy in China

As one of the members in this venture, Jinmao Group dependably appends incredible significance to its social duty. The Jinmao Group ascended in 2012 more than two millions RMB Yuan gift for the establishment “GIVE ME FIVE”. The participation between the EuroEyes Clinical Group and the Jinmao Group this time is based upon their basic will of partaking in general society welfare foundations, which compares likewise the brand culture of Euroeyes: “To open the entryway of life.” EuroEyes Shanghai will furnish each Chinese patient with a particularly for him custom fitted arrangement. Through the sheltered operation, agreeable condition and its polished skill, EuroEyes needs to pass on a solid state of mind towards life to the Chinese open — to make the life before the “Eyes” more awesome.

At the opening Ceremony, the staff of EuroEyes Deshijia Shanghai uncovered that EuroEyes is get ready for a medi-visit extend called “Culminate Horizon, Tour in Germany” now. On the event, the patients will have the opportunity to take an eye operation at the central command of the Euroeyes in Shanghai’s accomplice city Hamburg.



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