Hit the spot every time: How to get her going!

Hit the spot every time: How to get her going!

The G spot is a mysterious element for most males. Don’t despair of finding it – we’ve got you covered!

It is such a mysterious part of a woman’s anatomy, that a lot of women, too, are not aware of it! We’re talking about the G spot, which baffles most men. This article explains what it is.

What is the G spot?

The G spot is an abbreviation of the term ‘Grafenburg spot’ which was discovered by Dr Beverley Whipple a few decades ago. According to Dr Whipple, stimulating a certain spot in the anterior vaginal wall produced a physical response in women. It automatically follows that hitting the G spot during sex can produce an orgasm.

However, there are many problems in this approach:

  • Firstly, there is no separate organ known as the G-spot. In fact, many researchers through the years have tried and failed to find it!
  • It is possible that the G spot may actually be part of the clitoral network of nerves, thus it increases pleasure sensations and causes orgasms during penetrative sex. The best way to find it, or ‘hit the spot’ may be to insert a finger inside the vagina and move it towards the navel in a ‘come here’ signal. But this doesn’t always work for many women and may take a lot of gentle exploration.
  • At the same time, very few women worldwide are said to actually achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Some amount of clitoral or visual stimulation may be required for most women to orgasm during sex. In this context, the existence (or not) of the G spot may be a vital point in solving the female orgasm puzzle.

But different sex positions may help hit the spot!

But all is not lost. There are several different sex positions to try not just for a new experience, but also to get her to climax during sex. You can try these:

* Girl on top: The woman straddles her partner by climbing on top of him as he lays down on his back. This position gives the woman control over the depth and angle of penetration, so if she knows where her G spot is, she can orgasm every time. Moving back and forth instead of up and down is better.

* Doggie style: This is a popular sex position amongst many couples. It gives him a great view of her body as he enters her from behind, and she is most likely to climax with the deep penetration. Adjust the angle of penetration the way she wants to get better results.

* Legs and hips in the air: This position is the next level in finding her G spot. She is on her back while he positions himself between her legs. Now he lifts her hips and legs in the air, and enters her while he is still seated on his knees. This position allows for a deep penetration that offers a lot of clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

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