How to choose dental equipment

How to choose dental equipment

A large number of stomatologic and dental offices are opening nowadays. Their main goal is to diagnose problems with teeth and manufacture all kinds of dental implants. To make a clinic an efficient healthcare facility, it is important to equip it with the newest machines and devices.

Each dental laboratory should think out the necessary set of equipment to be installed in it. It will assist specialists in their everyday dental medical practice. Micromotors, electric wax knives, and wax extraction units are on the list when purchasing such equipment. It is also necessary to buy porcelain firing furnaces, dental casting machines, and dental muffle furnaces.

Equip a dental office 

The main element of a dental office is a work table. It is a multifunctional device with appearance determined by the dental technician’s specific activity. A micromotor is oftentimes placed under such a table.

The workplace should be illuminated by shadowless lamps which provide a natural color rendition. An aspirator connected to the air extraction unit has to be placed on the table. The extraction unit is necessary to get rid of dust appearing during the dental manipulation processes.

You cannot do without an air insufflator and pneumatic controllers either. Nowadays, specialized boxes (they can be open or closed) are abundantly used. Their main purpose is to provide an autonomous space for denture processing.

Since modern dentistry is one of the most competitive medical branches, it is important to ensure continuous and uninterrupted dental office operation. It also depends on the firing furnace and casting machine reliability. When choosing the latter, we recommend paying special attention to:

  • its ability to keep up a stable capacity;
  • efficiency level;
  • generator frequency.

The parameters and features of the devices utilized in a dental laboratory depend on its capabilities. The dental units operation accuracy, continuity, and balance directly affect the strength and aesthetics parameters specific to the manufactured dentures.

Dental equipment offered by BiMedis meets all the requirements mentioned above. The devices presented in our catalog are equipped with the systems guarding electronics against mains power failures, as well as self-diagnosis systems. Such systems can detect deviations in normal operating parameters in a timely manner, thus preventing the device malfunctions.

3D technology

In these latter days, dental technicians are actively utilizing CAD/CAM technology. Modern scanners implementation allows bringing their work to a whole new level. When utilizing a three-dimensional scanning system, you yourself can model dentures and save at least 50% of your working time. Works on the model take two times longer than the product manufacturing to a template sent in an STL-file.

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