How To Ditch Bad Breath For Good

Most of us are pretty paranoid about smelling bad. It’s what drives us to launder our clothes, shower daily and use perfumes and deodorants. However, perhaps the most offensive odor of all is bad breath. None of us want to be the person who’s gossiped about for having stinky, gross breath. Here are some tips on how you can ditch bad breath for good.

Brush and Floss After Every Meal

Your dentist doesn’t tell you to brush and floss after every meal just because he wants something to nag you about. Rather, it’s the most important tip there is for maintaining oral health. When you fail to brush and floss after a meal, you set yourself up for bacteria to stay in between your teeth and taste buds, which is a serious recipe for halitosis. If you’re paranoid about looking like the “weird person” who’s brushing his or her teeth at work after lunch, just find a bathroom that isn’t commonly used in your building. Alternatively, just ignore the weird looks you might get and remember that you’re the one who’s in the right, not the people who skip brushing after lunch.

Use Breath Freshening Aids

There’s nothing wrong with sprays, mints or gum when it comes to keeping your breath fresh. However, it’s imperative that you find options that are sugar-free. When you use gums and mints that contain sugar, you’re actually worsening the health of your teeth. Most dentists think that people consume too much sugar as it is, so you want to eliminate it wherever possible.

See A Dentist If The Problem Is Serious

If you have a good oral hygiene regimen and you still suffer from chronic bad breath, you might want to book an appointment with a dentist, such as the professionals at Park Slope Dental. While the beverages we drink and the foods we eat can leave our breath a bit less than fresh, if your problem is severe or doesn’t go away with brushing and flossing, something more serious might be at play.

If you follow these tips, you can stay fresh all day long. When you have fresh breath, you never have to worry about your coworkers gossiping behind your back or clients being put off by any offensive odors. You’ll feel happier, healthier and more confident.