How to have healthy relationships

When we experience changes in our lifestyle and choices with the changing era the relationships are bound to get affected with it too. The modern relationships are different than what our parents had a few generations ago. These day people are much open to express their views to others which sometimes causes the relations to become fragile and weak while at the other times makes them bond more strongly with each other.

Mostly the relationships in the modern era are full of stress and tensions given to the increasing pressure of work and family balance from all around. In order to have healthy relationships, there are some key ingredients needed to be implemented in your life:

  1. Talk it out:

If you find something suffocating in a relationship, you need to talk about it with each other. Instead of keeping the things with you, it is always better to clear the things amongst each other. Just remember- this is a very common situation and arises every now and often in every relationship. Therefore, try to understand the cause of the problem and speak with the other person to clear away the differences.

  1. Give space:

Now people have varying definitions of giving space to each other. In modern relationships even the relation in between a mother and the son needs adequate amount of space! You need to understand the need of giving liberty to the other person who is in some kind of relationship with you. If you want to understand it better just implement on yourself- do you not sometimes feel like going back and rewinding some episodes of your life to cut yourself free from the ongoing turmoil? Or do you not feel often like going out, meeting people and doing the things that you like? Treat others with same trust and freedom as you want from them.

  1. Respect:

Our ex generations often complain that the youth in modern relationships lack the sense of giving respect to each other. The fine lines in between respect and keeping quiet have to be drawn precisely. When you respect someone you understand their point of view by virtually putting yourself in their position and do not criticise their stand. You need to respect their feelings and wishes by making them feel important. In modern times, people are often so much bound by technology that they do not care to give a thought to their own behaviour towards the people around them. One must remember that respect which is given is the respect earned too!

  1. Cooperation:

One of the major aspects of having healthy relationships is the cooperation. If you cooperate with each other for most of the times, not only you sow seeds of happy relationships but also you are setting examples for other members to look up to you. Therefore, learn to cooperate with each other. For example in the relationship of husband and wife, if both are working then husband should not feel ashamed in helping his wife in household chores too. Children learn from your examples and set the expectations from future based on their feelings and experiences from their parents the foremost.