How to save people’s life in an accident

Saving life is not only a humanity work, but it also gives a unique kind of satisfaction too. This is the reason why many people join the paramedics. If someone else around you is in some kind of accident, here are a few tips which you can use to help them:


  • The first thing that you should do is to call the ambulance or 911 for help. This is because you have to take the patient to the hospital to check them properly. This cannot be done in your own car because if the patient needs oxygen, you won’t be able to provide it. Patient transportation companies have vans in which every facility is available. So call them quickly.

  • The next thing that you should do is to check the patient. If the patient is bleeding, try to stop that at any cost. Look for the extra clothes which you can use to tie up the injury. Make sure that the patient does not lose a lot of blood; otherwise there will be less chance to save them. Make them lie straight and seal their wounds.

  • If the patient is spitting blood, do not let them lie down straight. In fact, let them sit with some support under their back. The reason behind this is because they are spitting blood and if you make them lie down, there is a huge chance of blood going into their throat which can block their windpipe. So tell them to sit and just be relaxed for some time until the ambulance arrives.

  • If the patient is not breathing properly themselves and you don’t feel any pulse, start doing the CPR quickly. It is a technique in which a person starts the compression on the chest. This will make the heart beat artificially for some time and the body won’t get starved for oxygen. Give them artificial breathes by tilting the head and give mouth to mouth. Sometimes, the body stops because of the shock and giving CPR or cardio pulmonary resuscitation will help them to revive quickly.

  • Gather the important and expensive items of the patient and keep it safe with you. This is because when the accidents happen, people around the area are more interested in stealing the items instead of helping them. So it is your responsibility to keep the things safely with you.