Intimate and Cosmetic Medical Procedures for a Better You

Cosmetic and intimate medical procedures can be quick and easy to perform, and yet have long lasting and significant impacts on the health and well being of patients. There has been significant developments and improvements in the procedures on offer in recent years and Dr, Jayson Oates has been leading the way.

Virginal Atrophy is a condition that affects women, mostly in their post-menopause age. The condition is sometimes referred to as vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA). Someone suffering from VVA may experience dryness, inflammation, thinness, and pain in the vagina. The cause of these symptoms is often a lack of estrogen. Most women drop their estrogen levels during their menopause period. This is about the time when most women experience these symptoms in severe amounts.

VVA has various medical and psychological effects on the patient. Women who have this condition are more likely to suffer from urinary tract infections. They may also lack self-confidence and have lower self esteem. Women may also complain of pain during sexual intercourse and some may experience a burning and stinging sensation while urinating or may end up visiting the washroom more frequently. In some cases, the patient may experience urinal leakages when coughing or sneezing.

VVA can be treated through reversal therapy or prescription. Academy Laser Clinics is a leading cosmetic therapy clinic in Australia. They  offer the Mona Lisa Touch treatment for vaginal atrophy. You’ll be treated by highly skilled and experienced health care professionals. There’s no need for you to live with the symptoms of VVA. Contact Academy Laser Clinics today to see how they can help you.

Research shows that at least 60% of men have issues with the size or shape of their penis. While we have little control on the size of penis we are born with, we have a choice on the size of penis we live with. There are many Medical solutions on offer to increase penis size. Many surgical options are carry a high level of risk, while other methods may not have proven results.

However, if you’re wondering how to get a bigger penis in a non invasive, non surgical  and safe way with proiven results, then look no further than Calibre. Calibre is a cosmetic treatment clinic that specializes specifically in penis enlargement. To take care of your penis size, you need a trusted medical practitioner. This procedure has been developed by the respected Dr, Jayson Oates.

The Calibre clinic medical team is a fully professional team, with all medical staff trained and overseen by Dr Oates. The treatment works by injecting dermal fillers (similar to those used in cosmetic medical procedures on the face) to just below the skin of the penis. The amount of filler used will determine the outcome. Typicall 15ml of filler leads an increase of 0.5”-0.7” in circumference for a flasccid penis, and about one inch when erect. The increase is immediate, verifiable and long-lasting.

If you feel like your penis is not what you desire, you may wish to to get an enlargement. The procedure is virtually painless and non-surgical.

When it comes to your face and body, maintaining beauty is not always a walk in the park. Everybody needs to work hard to remain in shape and maintain a healthy body. Aging is something we can do little about, However, we can steps to address the signs of ageing.  There is something you can do about your face, your skin, and your shape. The good news is that cosmetic surgery and offer solutions to a whole range of beauty needs. Take care of aging skin, excessive weight or lack of body mass.

Academy Face and Body is a leading cosmetic surgery provider in Perth Australia. If you’re looking for cosmetic plastic surgery in Perth, then Academy Face and Body is the place to go. Again, with medical staff under the supervision of medical director Dr Jason Oates, you can be sure that you are dealing with the best. Procedures on offer include liposuction, and anti-aging, and dermal therapies. The provision of beauty therapies and treatment should be done with utmost care and high accuracy.

AFB offers its clients a comprehensive range of products and services that boost the overall body appearance and face look. The clinic is known for its high standards and use of high-end products. If you want to look young again and get rid of wrinkles on your face, visit Academy Face and Body. Skin imperfections, weight, and other minor body disorientations can be corrected in a matter of minutes.

Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. If you want to be happy, you need to find the shape, face, and skin you feel most comfortable with. How you look is a matter that you have control over. For male and female intimate procedures, body shaping and a wide range of other cosmetic beauty treatments, developments in technology and medical procedures now mean that solutions may be simpler, more affordable and more accessible, allowing you to be the very best possible version of you.