Mold Allergy – Infection, Problem & Solution of this Pesky Condition

Mold Allergy – Infection, Problem & Solution of this Pesky Condition

Are you too facing the problem of seasonal allergy? Did you know that you could be allergic to spores of molds or various other types of fungi! Molds are present everywhere. When you disturb the source of mold then it release spores in the air and when you inhale it then it causes a lot of problem. Spores can travel in all weather sometimes in air whether dry, moist or windy. Also, if it really humid or even if there is fog outside it spread easily.

Although spores are harmful it does not bother all who inhale it. The time period during which the allergy from the spores of the fungus is quite relevant is during the month of July to the early fall. But there is no hard and fast rule that these will occur during a specific time period as the allergy can show up during any time of the year.

Although there are many types of molds but only a selected few can cause problems. Places where molds can grow are falling leaves, rotting logs, compost piles, grains and grasses. The problem with mold is that it cannot be killed in the first frost. The outdoor molds become inactive during the winter season.  With the advent of the spring season they start growing on the plants that have been killed by the excess cold or during the cold weather conditions. Inside the houses the molds grow in the areas that are damp. You can easily find the molds in your basement, kitchen or bathroom.

What are some of the common symptoms of a Mold Allergy?

The symptoms of mold allergy are quite similar to the symptoms of some other kind of allergies. Some symptoms of mold allergy are itching, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, scaling and dry skin.

Where Outdoor molds may cause allergy symptoms during the summer and fall season (or year-round in some climates) and the indoor molds can cause problems and start showing symptoms all around the year.

Where can you find mould to totally remove them:

They are everywhere and we are more than lucky to have them with us. The wines, cheese or yeasted bread would have not been possible without them. However, human body reacts weirdly on coming g in contact with yeast.

Without knowing we take them in food or inhale them and they are accumulated in warm and shady places or places where there isn’t any ventilation.

How can you detect them with the appearance?

They can be present on the walls in the form of black dots, white mildew that can be seen on the shoes etc. At the damp places of the house you can easily smell and feel them.

A herbal remedy for mold allergy will work best to uproot the problem and also you can try a few precautions so that the the problem does not arise at the same place.

Avoidance is better than cure!

  • Check if there are any leaks inside the house.
  • If there is any mold present then you can clear it with bleach.
  • If you find mold inside cupboards or some dingy rooms then try to open windows and doors or any source of sunlight in order to ventilate the area and kill the bacteria with the sunlight.
  • Clean the fan extractors after every few days.
  • If you have any old carpets, mattresses, then dispose them off.
  • You can use de-humidifiers at your place in order to make your home less mold-friendly.

Eat the following

  • Chew raw garlic without the outer layer
  • Cook food in extra virgin olive oil
  • Switch to more of organic food
  • On a bread spread coconut oil and put cinnamon powder to enjoy its benefits

Did you know organic oils can help you a lot to fight the problem of moulds?

Tea Tree Oil

You can use this oil to disinfect, clean and cure from the problem of mold. It has anti-microbial properties that can serve as anti-fungal and help fight the problem of mold growth.

Cinnamon Oil

Researches and test have shown that it is the most useful herb when it comes to controlling the growth of the mold. Cinnamon oil will not only help kill the mold but will also give a clean, fresh smell to your home.

Clove Oil

With this magical remedy help bolster your immune system. You can fight black mold or anything that can create problem for you and your home. Clove oil can help you in killing the black mold and make home a better place.

Nothing can work like a herbal remedy for mold allergy can! The remedy is to take precautions and follow a few simple steps in order to save your health from its harmful effects.

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