Nootropics: A way to stimulate the mind and help improve your concentration and your study

When you hear the term “Nootropic”, you may shrug and put a huge face of breading. But if they tell us “Smart Drugs” we are already beginning to understand where the thing is going. In this case, the use of the term drug is done in a deliberate way, only to indicate the correct and manipulated use, since this word refers to any substance that has an effect on the body and the psyche, whether stimulating, Depressant, narcotic or hallucinogenic.

Until the publication, in early 2005, of the book Intelligent Drugs. Ruiz Franco, professor of Philosophy and sports nutritionist, describes the properties and ways of using the substances most commonly used as tranquilizers, stimulants or cognitive enhancers. Many people have to spend long hours of study and work – university students, opponents, workers – resort to the use of these substances to reduce fatigue, increase concentration and endure more awake time. Increase concentration and endure time that is more awake. Increase concentration and endure time that is more awake.

The stimulants are preferred substances by students, for their ability to increase wakefulness, the euphoria, give the feeling of reducing fatigue, muscle get relax bronchial, while providing a better blood supply muscle.

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But, obviously, an abuse of these substances have their side effects and are highly harmful. In fact it is recommended to consult a professional before using any of these substances, consumed in moderation and not for long periods of time, because, besides the fact of having harmful side effects, have a rebound effect and addiction, which need Increase the dose of consumption as the period of use increases.

Some of these substances of natural origin and base are harmless, it could only give some case of intoxication by a huge intake of these, but their controlled and responsible use does not cause any harm to the organism. Two of these substances could be Rhodiola and Spirulina. The first comes from one plant and the other from algae. Both could be considered as stimulants, the first of the brain activity and the second of the physical activity. Combined, consumed in a responsible and periodic way, they are a very healthy energetic contribution for our organism, providing a protein and vitamin supplement important for our daily activity.

There are many other natural substances such as gin sen, Ginkgo Biloba, guaraná and many others, with different effects and different uses, but all of them must be used responsibly and moderately. With regard to  drugs,  special attention must be paid to what is taken and how it is taken. The vast majority are legal and without a prescription, but it is always advised to ask advice from the head doctor, or failing that, the pharmacist. In cases of possible drug allergies, do not consume directly without the approval of a doctor who confirms that it cannot be counterproductive.