Preparing For the MRI Scan


Before going to your appointment for your MRI, you might be nervous about what the machine will look like and the sounds that you might hear. During most open MRI scans, you will usually be done in less than an hour. It’s not an invasive procedure with the only medications that might be given being dyes that are injected like a typical IV. These dyes can help the doctor better see whether there are issues with the veins and arteries that need to be addressed as well as issues with the vital organs in the body.

There are several common areas of the body that an MRI is performed on including the brain, spine, heart, and kidneys. This important scan can help your doctor detect tumors that might be cancerous as well as gallstones or kidney stones. Think of the scan as a tool to provide relief from any kind of pain that you have as well as offering a way to assist the doctor in healing your body.

As with any medical scan or procedure, there are a few risks that are involved. However, with an MRI, the benefits often outweigh the risks. Alert the technician if you are pregnant, have any kind of metal in your body, or if you have any tattoos. Remove any kind of jewelry that you have before the scan as well as any hair clips. Try to wear comfortable clothing as well as a bra that doesn’t have an underwire. For most scans, you can keep your clothing on as long as it’s made of cotton or another material that is suitable to wear. With an open design, you aren’t in an enclosed tube while the scan is completed. This design can make you feel a bit more comfortable and sometimes decrease the amount of time involved with the scan since you don’t have to slide in and out of a tube.