The Benefits of Performing Yoga

The Benefits of Performing Yoga

What do Madonna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham, Shilpa Shetty, and Narendra Modi all have in common? They all practise yoga!

Yoga is slowly entering everyone’s lives not only as a fashionable form of exercise or weight-loss regime but also an essential fitness routine to keep oneself healthy and illness-free. Right from prime ministers, movie stars, celebrities, famous athletes, and tech-gurus to the common man on the street, everyone swears by yoga. Everyone is off in the morning or evening to the nearby park or their own terrace, armed with a yoga mat cover carrying a yoga mat to become as “fit as a fiddle”.

But is yoga really so beneficial? Let us take a look.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian healing technique which aims at achieving both physical and mental well-being through physical and mental practice. Yoga includes a system of exercises like breath control, meditation and several body-poses called asanas that work toward the total well-being of the individual. Here are some powerful benefits of Yoga.

  1. Yoga makes the body strong and flexible

Without regular exercise, the body becomes stiff as the muscles are tight and rigid. Too much exercise can also cause muscle strain and ailment. Yoga has the right level of exercises or body poses called asanas which help the body to bend and gain flexibility without any physical damage.

Doing 15 minutes of Yoga daily is enough to help the muscles loosen up and become more flexible. Yoga tones up the muscles and strengthens the bones to help the person remain fit and agile throughout his/her life.

Yogic exercises like the dog pose, chair pose or boat pose are best done on a flat surface with a good quality yoga mat for support.

  1. Yoga corrects posture

Most of the people today experience back pain and leg pain. This is caused by improper posture while standing, incorrect gait, crouching while sitting etc. Long hours in front of the computer or TV and remaining seated for long hours causes these problems which can be easily corrected by Yoga.

Yogic poses like Plank pose, Cobra pos2, Cow pose, Camel pose etc help to correct the posture and straightens the spine. Thee poses are best done using a good-quality yoga mat bought from a reliable supplier.

  1. Yoga aids weight loss

Practising yoga daily accelerates the metabolism and helps the body to shed excess weight by burning fat. Erratic hormonal levels in the body might lead to accumulation of body mass and this is easily regulated by Yoga.

Binge eating due to stress might also lead to weight gain. Yoga prevents this by relaxing the mind and body through breath-control exercises which reduce stress and prevent food cravings.

Yoga poses like Lion Pose, Dolphin Pose, etc. done on a sturdy yoga mat for at least 10 minutes daily can yield an excellent result for weight loss.

  1. Yoga stimulates energy

Our mundane lives often leave us fatigued and depleted of energy. Yoga can give us an energy boost and pep up our body by streamlining the “chakras” or energy centre of the body. Yoga does this by accelerating the metabolism and improving the blood circulation and oxygen flow to all parts of the body.

With 15 minutes of Yoga every day, a person gets invigorated and energized. Yogic poses like Upward Salute, Full and Low cobra, Locust pose, etc. increase the energy levels when they are done using the right yoga mat procured from a trusted supplier.

  1. Yoga is the ideal stress-buster

Yoga relaxes the body through breath control, exercise poses and meditation. It slows down the heart rate, reduces blood pressure and prevents stress.

Yogic poses like Rabbit pose, Thunderbolt pose etc easily alleviate stress and must be performed in a relaxed manner using a comfortable yoga mat.

  1. Yoga for a healthy heart

Dr. Larry Philip of the NYU Langone Medical Center claims that yoga is the best cure for heart disease as it lowers high blood pressure, decreases cholesterol and reduces stress, all 3 of which contribute to heart ailments.

Asanas like Mountain pose, Big-Toe Pose, etc. keep your heart healthy when they are done on a flat surface using a convenient yoga mat.

Yoga offers a wholesome and definite cure for most ailments when done rightly with correct guidance. The most important factor to bear in mind while doing Yoga is to use a yoga mat compulsorily to avoid skidding, falling, bruising and for perfect balance. Get your Yoga mat of premium quality material in your favourite color and design form a trusted provider and avail the benefits of performing yoga today.

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