Tips for a successful plastic surgery – Avoid the red flags and ensure you’re in safe hands

For most millennials, plastic surgery no longer remains as a taboo subject and now we openly talk of improving, repairing and enhancing our bodies through surgery. For majority of us, the decision of getting some part of our body nipped and tucked entirely lies on us. There are many who have undergone breast implants, rhinoplasties, vaginal rejuvenations and other cosmetic processes like fillers or Botox. In fact, it is not even surprising that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons report 16.8 million cosmetic surgeries being performed in 2015, which was a 9% increase from 2014.

Are you a viable candidate for undergoing a plastic surgery? If answered yes, don’t just visit any cosmetic surgeon. Here are few tips to make sure your plastic surgery is successful enough and that it delivers results which you’re not afraid of.

  • You have to ensure the surgeon is board-certified

Did you know the scary fact that any health physician owning a medical license can perform plastic surgeries? This can even mean that a pediatrician or a gynecologist can legally perform a cosmetic surgery! Hence, your foremost step to finding a great plastic surgeon would be to check if he is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. There are several other organizations which offer certifications and hence don’t be deceived if the surgeon claims that he is certified by some other board.

  • Remain aware of the red flags

Be aware of the surgeons who offer you chances of performing several surgeries at once or who try to sell you into getting more surgeries or those who don’t use positive language while describing your body part during the time of consultation. If you get across a reputable surgeon, he will definitely maintain a professional demeanour. In case you feel disrespected or pressurized, just leave for someone better. You can consult Dr. Cohen plastic surgeon as he is one of the best in his fields.

  • Ask the surgeon the right questions

When you walk in for consultation with the plastic surgeon, there are few questions that you should ask in order to get a better idea of the experience and skill of the surgeon whom you’re opting for. If you find the surgeon being irritated with the questions, it is better to choose another doctor. At the minimum, you should ask him the number of times he has performed this procedure and which doctor will assist him while he performs his surgery on you.

  • Go ahead with asking for recommendations

Although it is necessary to check the history, credentials and reputation of the cosmetic surgeon you’re choosing, you should still ask for recommendations from your friends and family members. If you know someone who has had a successful plastic surgery already done, ask him/her about the doctor who performed the same.

So, now that you’re armed with the steps to take before opting for a plastic surgery, you should use them in order to locate the best cosmetic surgeon in whose hands you’re safe.