What Are Liposomal Vitamins?


With companies like Abundance and Health working with producing nutrients as liposomal vitamins which work with improving one’s lifestyle to a more-healthy one, we need to understand what exactly these vitamins us and how do they work. While we know that the idea behind liposomal technology has to do with liposomes, here is a little review of the who process and to the question of what liposomal vitamins really are.


Liposomal Encapsulation Technology


The nutrients, made by Abundance and Health, known as liposomal vitamins are made up off tiny healthy fat particles, which are in turn made up off phospholipids, water soluble vitamins and minerals. These ingredients come together using the Liposomal Encapsulation Technology and work with delivering the right amount of therapeutic components and substances to certain tissues in the body while ensuring that there are zero side effects whatsoever.


The way this works is that liposomes tend to form tiny bubbles consisting of layers that work with molecules known as phospholipids. This molecule, being the membrane, tends to act like the ones that circle the cells within one’s body. Researchers were able to figure out that liposomes could be filled up with therapeutic nutrients where the membrane holds the substance while the supplement taken in is only released upon reaching the right tissue in the body.


Natural Phenomenon


The working of the Liposomal Encapsulation Technology, used by Abundance and Health, is made possible with the use of a natural phenomenon which makes life, as we are aware of it, possible. Phospholipids are equipped with the natural abilities to be able to form little bubbles while in an aqueous solution within the right conditions. The bubbles are the liposomes which are by default filled with the aqueous solution they were formed in. Therefore, allowing for the controlling of the solution to develop nutrients with different compositions, which could be vitamins or other supplements.


The idea behind the creation of Liposomal Vitamins is the encapsulation of healthy substances such as minerals and vitamins to be put together to form the membranes. They work with delivering a target piece to the tissues in the body and are safe and sound with no side effects whatsoever. Such nutrients allow for a healthy lifestyle and a more productive attitude towards the work day. Liposomal Vitamins have taken lead with such supplement methods.