What are the Differences between king size and queen size mattress?

What are the Differences between king size and queen size mattress?

Comfort is a rather subjective thing. Some sleepers want the whole bed to themselves moving around in their sleep while others are much like a ‘crouching dragon’. Comfort to some may also mean having a soft or a medium mattress.

There are many such factors to consider when looking at choosing a ‘comfortable’ mattress. Size is one of them. Mattress size is a personal preference. Understanding that preference with specific dimensions and own expectations is key. You might want to consider whether or not you sleep with a partner if children or pets share your space if you are tall or short and how big/small your bedroom is.

As master bedroom sizes increased, so did the need for larger beds in it. Two sizes to consider then are King size and Queen Size Mattresses. While there is no particular size definition for both mattresses, the difference between both is merely width and height size. A standard measurement for a Queen size is 60 inches / 152 cm width while for King size is 76 inches / 193 cm.

According to a leading mattress manufacturer, a queen size mattress is best suited for 2 adults or possibly can fit 2 adults and 1 infant. A king size bed, in the meanwhile, can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child.

The cost of a Queen size bed is slightly lesser than that of a king size mattress considering it is 16 inches smaller than the latter. A king size would cost more being a larger size and for purchasing suitable bedding thereafter.

Both mattresses are best suited for large bedrooms. The general rule of thumb when it comes to beds is that you need to have at least 2 feet of space on the three sides of your room. This is excluding the side where your headboard rests against a wall. For a king size bed, the room should be at least 12’x12’. Queen size mattresses fit nicely in rooms that are 10’x10’ or more.

Over and above the regular sizes, manufacturers like Wakefit, offer further customization of mattress sizes. You have the option to order a standard mattress online and mention customization details along. Services like these make mattress buying a breeze especially when it’s not easy to find the perfect sized mattress for your bedroom and bed frame.

When sharing a bed with a partner, it’s very common for both to have a different preference for mattress firmness. In order to accommodate these preferences ( and maintain peace of mind/sleep), couples prefer to have each side of mattress customized to their mattress firmness preference. A king size memory foam mattress would allow for this comfortably. A queen size mattress also has this option but slightly less in width as mentioned before.

Although one may like ultra-firm while the other wants a soft bed, it is very common that a universal firmness of a memory foam mattress will provide. Memory foam mattresses allow for the needed support and comfort level to please both sharing the bed. With mates having different firmness preferences the King size mattress allows for a split choice in bedding with each partner choosing an extra-long twin of their own preference level for their side of the bed comfortably.

The difference between Queen mattress and King mattress is very negligible, but it again depends on individual choice. The wider width of the King size allows for ideal individual space to sleep in, while the Queen mattress is the perfect size for those looking for a generous bed for two but need to fit it into a regular sized master bedroom.

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