What are the functions of steroid and its works?

The word ‘Steroid’ is derived from Greek in which ‘Stere’ means solid and ‘Eidos’ means three-dimensional forms. Stere and Eidos are together in the form of Stereoiedes that means solid organic compound. Lately, stereoiedes when got translated into English it becomes steroid. In technical, steroid is defined as a soluble organic compound that is composed of 4 cycloalkane rings. This ring is labeled as A, B, C and D that contains more than twenty carbon atoms that are joined together.

First three rings contain six carbon elements and the fourth ring called as the Cyclopentane ring contains five carbon elements. Please visit Steroidio.com for more information about the steroid. The steroids are taken in the form of soluble powders, tablets or injections for many different reasons. They are exogenous and endogenous. Some examples of steroid include sex hormones called as estradiol and testosterone; moreover some performance boosting hormones called as stanozolol, oxandrolone and nandrolone. The Dexamethasone belongs to the class of glucocorticoid and it is a steroid with anti-inflammatory properties. A classic example of vitamin D is also a steroid.

Three functions of steroids:

  • Cortisol represents maintaining the reserved carbohydrates that are present in the body.
  • Aldosterone has controlled re-absorption of sodium in kidney tubules and it is responsible for excretion of potassium.
  • Progestins, estrogens and androgens are responsible for the influence of secondary sexual characteristics.

Sale of steroids:

An artificial steroid is also been noted as a natural anabolic steroid like ‘testosterone’, which is only used as a prescription for drugs. Some dietary supplements are legal and available in over the counter that contains hormone precursors and much safer regarding side effects. However, these substances are banned by the athletic organizations. One of the popular steroid supplements is dehydroepiandrosterone or DHAE. Some processes in body can be converted into steroid hormones like estrogen, testosterone and cortisol. Many athletes and bodybuilders have used this supplement to increase their muscle mass. Please check the given link Steroidio.com to search more details regarding steroid.

How do steroid works?

A basic function of anabolic steroids is that it produces a great effect of anabolic or muscle growth. At least, it is regarded to use only by the athletes. Anabolism is a process by which the synthesized proteins enhance the mass of the muscle tissue. It is contrasted by the catabolism, which break-downs the body tissue and proteins. A steroid is used to have different medical purposes and it is taken for different reasons like muscle wasting disease, treatment of anemia, growth disorder and much more. The body provides natural testosterone to re-build and repair the broken muscle by the process of heavy lifting called as muscular hypertrophy. It works very well when attached to the androgen receptors. The function of steroids is to stimulate the protein synthesis. A well awareness about this supplement makes you perform well at needed times.