What Is Chrysalis?

What was first established in 1998 has now become one of the leading trainers when it comes to counseling course and talking therapies. Chrysalis courses have become a leader in counseling courses and training. The Chrysalis believes in the growth of their students by providing Chrysalis courses that are not only enjoyable but also satisfy the students and helps them in their journey to help others.

What does chrysalis believe?

They believe that Chrysalis courses are different because they combine relaxed and enjoyable approach and creativity. But Chrysalis also ensures that their courses are up to the mark and satisfy the standards of the professional bodies. Chrysalis courses are designed so that students can squeeze in the courses even in their busy lives. That is why the courses are part-time. The support system that chrysalis provides is so that students can achieve their qualification without much stress and problem.

Chrysalis was established as a, not for profit organization, its purpose is the development of the life skills of their students. Due to the no shareholder policy, the income that is earned, which is in excess, is usually reinvested in the provided courses. This is due to the fact that chrysalis believes in expanding and improving the Chrysalis courses so that more people can be offered these courses and they would also have an opportunity to develop and grow into their potential.

Can You Become a Registered Counsellor with the Chrysalis Courses?

The organization that has the job of overseeing medical-related organizations like the Nursing & Midwifery Council, Health & Care Professions Council, and General Medical Council i.e. the Professional Standard Authority was asked to launch an Accredited Register on the order of the government in 2010. This was finally launched in 2012 which makes it extremely crucial for all the therapists and counselors to register. This is because of the fact that people are becoming aware of the advantages of a registered counselor and are actively seeking therapists that have been registered. This is why Accredited Register Programme in their service provisions.

This is the reason why Chrysalis Courses becomes your way to become a registered counselor and thus giving you a very important status of being an Accredited Registered. This would ultimately make the profession that you are pursuing very successful in the future.