Who uses steroids?

Who uses steroids?

Anabolic steroids for bodybuilders are known to be one of the most widely accepted and in use performance as well as appearance enhancing drugs. These can be and they are used by everyone. This ranges from professionals to amateurs.

Usually steroids have been associated with the professional bodybuilders and athletes. However, in a paper that was published in January 2017, it was reported that almost 4 million are those people in US who have taken these steroids somewhere in their lifetime. Most of these have been men. Bad news is that even when steroids abuse is running lives, these are not going away. Rather their usage is increasing.

No doubt, steroids are not always bad but their usage without supervision leads to serious consequences. It has been studied in behavioral fields that most of the times following are the groups of people taking steroids:

  • Those who are professional athletes and bodybuilders. They use these steroids to get the desired cuts to have perfect physique.
  • Men and women who have been sexually or physically abused during their childhood. They use these steroids to build muscles and gain stronger look. This makes them feel that they will be prevented against all kinds of sexual attacks in future.
  • Those who are suffering from behavioral disorder named as dysmorphia. Under this ailment, men think that they are small and weak when in fact they are not. Similarly, women think that they are fat and flabby while they are smart and look perfect. They use these steroids to gain their wanted looks and physique
  • For teenagers who want to show that they are old enough to do certain activities which they otherwise cannot do. These acts include drinking, smoking, carrying the gun, driving the motorbike without any helmet etc.

When steroids are taken like this, then they cause worse as compared to leaving positive effects on the minds and the bodies of the users. Steroids abuse not only causes internal disorders but external ones too.

There is no harm in taking steroids, until and unless they are taken in the recommended dosage and under proper supervision. Taking legal drugs and even that in appropriate and prescribed manner is useful in every possible manner. It is necessary or otherwise deaths of people have been reported who have been under steroids abuse.

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