What happens when you get a FUE Hair Transplant?

What happens when you get a FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant in Pakistan has recently gained a lot of substance. It is a technique which has become really popular among the people because of the minimally invasive, permanent solution to thinning hair and balding issues. Moreover, this procedure is super long lasting, does not need touchups every now and then, does not need any external donor and also gives the natural hair growth within 6 months of the surgery. Also, it does not require any extra care or preventions after the surgery. Hey, aren’t those all the things you have been looking for? So anyone who is looking for a Hair specialist in Islamabad or is going to check hair transplant cost in Islamabad Pakistan should know what he is going for.

Many amongst us have so many false assumptions regarding the procedures. We do not know what might happen. But we do get intimidated at the imagination of the excessively invasive procedures, scarred heads and painful journeys. For all those who have been worried about what might happen to them during the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant procedure, the following is a detailed procedure of what might happen to you. Give it a read:

Where does it begin?

The procedure starts when your surgeon finally sets up a day for your surgery. He will begin with identifying with a donor area. Why is it necessary? Did you really read the name of the technique? It says Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant technique. So, the extraction part is being done in the donor area. Therefore, identifying the potential donor region is critical.

After deciding the region, the hair of the area is trimmed in order to facilitate the extraction of the grafts.

After preparation, individual grafts are removed from the hair follicles. Very small circular incisions are being made in order to pluck out the hair graft. A tweezers like instrument is used to extract the graft from the follicle.

The grafts that have been extracted are then examined under high power microscopes. They are then prepared for placement in the recipient region.

Every follicle has 1 to 4 follicular units. Based upon their number, they are arranged into groups before placement.

In order to get the most natural looking hair pattern according to your head, the surgeon will map out recipient region. Placements in each follicular unit group will be made according to that.

In the recipient region, after preparation of the grafts, minute incisions are made. They too are made complimentary to the normal growth pattern.

Gradually, the follicular grafts are placed. They follow the pattern of a pre-decided hair number in each follicle. This will also improve the density and volume of hair in that area.

The physician needs a considerable amount of expertise to neatly place the grafts in its required places in such minute area of incision.

When will the incisions recover?

Since the incisions in this [procedure are really small, within a few days they recover. The individual results in this technique vary. They are dependent upon the hair growth pattern of every individual. However, within 6 months you will have a normal hair growth restored in your recipient are as well.

Are there any disadvantages of FUE hair transplant?

Things that you need to take care about are of considerable importance. Primarily, since this procedure is invasive however minimally but the utensils that are being used by your surgeon should be aseptic. You should protect your head soon after the surgery from any kind of hard chemicals or dirty interactions as they can lead to infections or pus formation due to the invasion of bacteria in the newly places follicles.

Is it safe to get this FUE surgery?

Normally, this surgery is super safe. You do not need to worry about getting any infection. This is not something which is definite. Hygiene is a critical aspect which definitely should be noted. Your physician should also take care of hygiene and the sterility of the instruments he uses during the process. If the instruments are not sterile this procedure could become a way of transferring infectious as well as disease like AIDS. So, whoever you choose for this surgery, make sure he is reliable and knows his work well. You can check costs online of FUE hair transplant in Islamabad to get an idea.

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