Another you in the mirror

Another you in the mirror

Imagine a scenario like this, if you go into a room with lots of mirrors, you look around and you found:

  1. Nothing but his own shadow
  2. A few tourists scattered far around
  3. A few tourists scattered nearby
  4. A lot of people around

Test Result:

  1. You are a very self-centered people. All in your mind is your own business, and others people is hard to get your attention and interest.
  2. You have a very clearly boundary between yourself and others. You need personal space, and a reasonable You are able to think by yourself without others affection.
  3. You have certain self-awareness but not too much ego-ideal. Sometime you may be affected by others.
  4. You are the kind of person who lack of self-awareness. Generally speaking you fear being alone. You pay too much attention on interpersonal relationship and susceptible.

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