Best CBD From the Best Makers in UK

Best CBD From the Best Makers in UK

CBD after ingestion has no psychoactive effect, unlike THC, whose inflammation causes intoxication. For this reason, in some parts of the world there is a greater acceptance of the use of CBD, which does not have a long-term stigma, as is the case with THC and hemp in a broader sense. What’s more, CBD UK is not toxic, it does not cause changes in physiological parameters, eg pulse, blood pressure or body temperature. Long-term use and high doses are well tolerated by the body and considered safe.

Promising Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Cancer is a serious disease that conventional treatment usually does not have a positive effect. Despite the fact that the studies are only in the early stages, there is already a ray of hope that cannabis and cannabinoids produced by them, including CBD, will be able to help treat cancer or at least stop the development of this disease. The US government website,, has information on the use of cannabis as a therapeutic agent by humans for the last several thousand years. Animal studies have been reported to confirm that cannabinoids can protect against certain types of cancer.

Other Information

Cannabinoids counteract the formation of tumors in various ways, including killing cancer cells, inhibiting their growth, as well as inhibiting angiogenesis and metastasis.

An article published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics describes laboratory tests in which CBD was destroying breast cancer cells. It should be added that the experiment was in vitro, i.e. that the cells used were functioning outside the body. The authors of the study said that “New innovative methods of combating breast cancer that have become resistant to traditional therapies should be developed as quickly as possible, and we need to find new means by researching natural products with proven anti-cancer properties.” The research focused on the CBD cannabinoid, which in vitro, cytotoxicity in human glioblastoma, leukemia and breast cancer cells and inhibition of metastases of the latter “.

The results of studies have shown that CBD inhibits the growth of two breast cancer cell lines, positive and negative estrogen receptors. This was possible due to the fact that the CBD triggered the so-called apoptosis, or regulated cell death, which occurs in multicellular organisms.

The recommended doses apply to persons over 18 years of age

In places where THC content is given, it should be borne in mind that products with only CBD content do not have to or will not work as in combination with THC or instead of THC.

We are not physicians and we are not competent to recommend the use of CBD oil. However, due to the lack of information from the health service regarding the use of CBD, it is better to share public information. It is in the interest of the patient to consult with his doctor about the treatment of his illness.

CBD oils are not substitutes for medicines and you should not discontinue medicines used to treat the disease (only under the supervision of a doctor).

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