Can You Drive after Weed Consumption?

Can You Drive after Weed Consumption?

People who don’t have good knowledge about cannabis still confuse between recreational cannabis and medical cannabis. Recreational cannabis is used as drugs which trigger the high effect whereas medical cannabis doesn’t have the psychoactive component in it which triggers the high effect. Medical cannabis is legal in a number of states and is being said to be completely safe for consumption.

Cannabis has been legalized in a certain state in recent years but still, there are certain rules which one must follow while consuming cannabis product. There are lesser chances of positive drug test when an individual consume medical marijuana as it doesn’t have THC content which triggers the high effect.  However, there are number of factors which might alter the reading including potency of the product, quality, concentration and the method of intake. It is believed that individual who smokes cannabis doesn’t have a long time effect while the one who consumes it by infusing in edible has a comparatively longer effect. Moreover, the constitution of the product also matters, generally, most of the cannabis product has THC content lesser than 0.3 mg but the one with slightly higher content might get you trapped in a drug test.

However, it is not allowed to drive after consuming cannabis irrespective of recreational or medical cannabis. Studies show that intake of cannabis can slow the normal coordination and reaction time and hence it may affect the decision-making capabilities of the individual. It is not legal to drive under the influence of recreational drug or high dose medicine as it might lead to impaired coordination and thus increasing the chances of sudden accidents.

Road accidents could be dangerous to driver, passenger, and other people on the road hence; one should avoid taking such risk even if they believe they are sober. Weed affects the body much differently than alcohol. With consumption of alcohol, most of the people lose control of their body and therefore are not in a state to operate their vehicle efficiently. However, in the case of cannabis everyone experience differs and tolerance level increases with the consumption.

People often argue that weed consumption helps in better focusing and therefore they should be allowed to drive after the controlled intake. Undoubtedly, it increases the concentration level as all the sense focus on the work being performed thus reducing the decision making powers. Driving is not only about concentration or focus but one also needs to be mentally and physically active to avoid any sudden situation and experience a safer and smoother ride.

In a nutshell, one must avoid driving immediately after consuming cannabis as it is aptly said prevention is the key to avoid uncertainties.

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