Healthy Resolutions You Can Make in 2019

Healthy Resolutions You Can Make in 2019

The holidays are right around the corner making it difficult to start any healthy habits as family visiting can be stressful enough. Most people need to understand that living healthier is not going to be difficult as they just have to develop healthy habits. Once the habits are developed it will become even more difficult to break them but until they start coming naturally you will have to stay motivated. These resolutions can be in a variety of areas of your health so do not pick just one. The following are healthy resolutions that you can make in 2019 and beyond.

Improve Dental Hygiene

The first thing that you should do in 2019 is set your biannual appointments with a dentist like the experts at for a checkup and cleaning. Next just take an extra 5 minutes per day to extend your brushing time, add using mouthwash, and floss. This is a small portion of the day that not only will help your dental health but will also give you that bright smile that you desire. If brushing your teeth in the mirror simply is not your thing then doing this in the shower can be just as effective as many people take longer showers than necessary as it is.

Cut Out Sugary Drinks

Taking soda out of your diet can make a huge difference in a variety of areas of your health. Your dental health can be improved as these sugars are bad for the teeth and soda in general can leave a stain on the teeth that even excessive brushing cannot solve. Energy drinks can be just as harmful as there have been reports of people drinking too many over the course of the day and dying due to heart issues. Stick to coffee without cream or sugar or a green tea instead of the options with more sugar, your body will thank you.

Try Reducing Red Meat Intake

Reducing red meat intake might be difficult for some but it will do great things for your digestive health as well as cardiac health. People who reduce or cut out red meat from their diets have seen weight loss as at times red meat can be harder for our body to break down than that of chicken or fish. There are also alternatives to red meat products that have made great advances in the way that they taste.

Set A Weekly Workout Plan

Setting and writing down a weekly workout plan on the weekend before your new week starts helps you hold yourself accountable. This workout plan should contain a variety of different types of exercise. A few days of lifting weights, a few days of group workouts, and even a few yoga sessions can be used to help you recover as well as get a great low impact workout in. Establish a weekly goal of how many workouts you are going to do and plan for 2 more workouts as this will give you the ability to choose a workout or two to skip to recover as you know your body best.

As you can see trying these resolutions will make a big difference in 2019 for you. You do not have to wait and can start now if you’d like!

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