How many types of Gym Equipments are there?

How many types of Gym Equipments are there?

If you are a beginner and want to start gymming for either weight loss purpose or want to gain weight, you should know about basic gymming machines, their functions and their area of the target.

Starting gym from the scratch is not an easy thing. Looking at the gym it might look like the horrible thing but as you indulge in the workout you’ll know how addicting this is. There are many types of gymming equipments are there that will help you out to get the body you crave.

Basically, there are two types of gym equipment. They are either Free weights or are fixed machines. Following are some basic type of gym equipment that is commonly used.

Hyper Extension Machine

Hyper extension machine are also known as back extension machine. It is a body weight exercise that targets upper body region. This station targets multiple areas and work on different muscles. Strengthening and power is the one main thing that this machine does.

Free Weights

These equipments are called as free weights because they are not attached with any wire, cable or pulleys. These equipments are commonly used in gym and barbells, dumbbells, weight plates are examples of free weight.

Bench Press

The bench press is upper body build up exercise. It mostly targets the upper body muscles like chest muscles, biceps and triceps. This exercise can be done with barbells and dumbbells. Apart from upper body bench press there is also lower body incline and decline bench press that targets the leg lean muscles. For this exercise it is important to lie down on the bench and keep the body and arm straight and foot steady on the floor.

Cable Pulleys

Cable pulleys are one of the most flexible and versatile gym equipment. Its importance is based on its effectiveness and versatility because it does not target only the one specific muscle of the body but it helps the body to move in different directions that includes multiple joints in the workout. Thus the body gets the maximum benefit.

Leg Extension Machine

Leg extension exercises are done to target the growth of leg muscles. This exercise is mostly done on a padded seat which has a handle for legs where you stuck your lower legs and try to push it up. This exercise not only grows the calf muscles but it also strengthens the knee joints and overall leg strength. There are two techniques of this exercise

  • Open chain kinetic
  • Closed chain kinetic

Both the techniques have their pros and cons and work differently for different purpose. Click on the following website for more information on gym machines perfect for you:

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