More and more research has proven the effectiveness and health benefits of CBD oil or cannabis oils and strains which draws more attention to the importance of alternative medicine.

For example, there was a research that CBD oil or cannabis oil’s substances and properties create an interaction between it, the receptors in the brain, and the immune system which signals the body to reinforce itself against diseases and other health conditions. These receptors are tiny proteins that are attached to your cells which receives the chemical signals from various stimuli to help your cell respond instantly and creates an anti-inflammatory and other health benefits such as pain control and management which is very beneficial to people suffering from chronic pain conditions in their body.

A lot of people use CBD oil or cannabis oil to treat their arthritis condition. In 2016, researchers studied the use of CDB oil in rats who were contracted with arthritis. Researchers applied specific amounts of CBD oil or cannabis oil to the rats with specific milligrams a day and miraculously, there was a dramatic reduction of inflammation from the rats, and it also improved the overall pain condition of it without any symptoms of harmful side effects.

There are also studies that solidified the proof that it can also help people manage their pain caused by cancer. Also, what makes it more remarkable is that CBD oil can help reduce the size of cancerous tumors and relieves the pain brought by the symptoms of people who undergo chemotherapy.

However, these claims that CBD oil or cannabis oils are being downplayed by pharmaceutical companies, that is why there is no final product that is manufactured largely, and also considering that a lot of countries are still regarding cannabis and marijuana illegal.

For now, cannabis breeders and manufactures settle with producing aromatherapy by using therapeutic grade cannabis oils which are used in alternative medicine specifically focused on pain relief management.

One of the most used cannabis strains is the ASH Regular Seeds (Afghan Skunk x Afghan Haze) which is a perfectly balanced marijuana strain that is neither extremely potent nor intoxicating which makes it perfect for medical purposes. It’s ideal for people who want to improve their pain management, at the same time, battle their depression and anxiety because of its mood improving properties, perfect for people who want to relax and at the same time, reap health benefits from this cannabis strain.

Its mild potency is perfect also for beginners who want to fully feel the benefit of a good cannabis strain perfect for recreation.

This is considered a popular classic in the cannabis scene which was originally bred and produced in the United States which is a cross between a pure Indica and an Afghani strain which has durable genetics that comes from skunk plants. This is widely used in Amsterdam, Switzerland, and has widely been reproduced by small-time breeders because of its high yield capabilities, making it easy to maintain harvest annually. A cannabis grower can use ASH Regular Seeds whenever they want to start planting at their place. It takes eight to 12 weeks to grow an Afghan Skunkfully.

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