The Top Modlert Vendors and Provigil Online Stores

The Top Modlert Vendors and Provigil Online Stores

When you are looking for a place to buy Nootropics, you have two choices: get it from your nearest drug store, or search the Internet and buy the medication, online. A lot of people are starting to lean towards the latter, and there is a good reason why. There are certain advantages of why you need to get this medication through the Internet.

You make your order at the comfort of your home, and it is delivered to your front door discreetly, making the process convenient and very easy. You don’t need to show a prescription, and it is a lot cheaper, a LOT CHEAPER. With that being said, before you buy Nootropic drugs like Modafinil on the Internet, there are things you need to consider and be aware of seriously.

Depending on your location, getting this medication on the Internet may or may not be legal. You need to find out which generic medications have the right quality and which are fake or have low quality. Finally, you need to make sure that you know where to buy Modafinil without any problems.

Buying Modafinil from other countries

When you purchase this kind of medication on the Internet, the source of the shipment will be either the United Kingdom, Singapore, or the country that is considered as the Nootropic capital of the world, India. Unless you are living in either one of those countries, you need to import the product if you want to purchase one.

If you are living in a country where you are required by the government to get a prescription before you can buy Nootropic drugs locally, there is a big chance that the medication that you buy at your local drug store comes from outside the United States, your medicine will still need to be imported from the United Kingdom, Singapore or India.

If you do not have the right prescription, your medication will not be allowed to be cleared by the border patrol or the United States customs. But in reality, they usually enter the United States without any problems. Customers will only inspect a small number of packages that enter the country.

There is a big chance that your package will get checked. In which case, buyers can expect the medication to arrive at their doorstep within one or two days after the order was made. In cases where the customs inspected the package before the delivery services can clear it, the customs office will send a letter to the address in the order demanding for a prescription. Buyers can just ignore the letter.

The border service will proceed to destroy the package, and your Nootropic drug vendor will just offer the buyers refund or resend the package without charge, that’s if you use a reputable online vendor.

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Where to buy Nootropic drugs like Modafinil online?

Of all the online vendors selling this kind of medication in the market today, there is just a handful who stands out among their competition. Two online vendors to be exact. Both sellers come with excellent online reviews from the Nootropic community. Both also used regularly and personally by at least one active member on these community sites.


It is arguably one of the most reputable modafinil vendors on the Internet today. They have been in the Nootropic business since 2010, and up to now, they are focused on selling this medication in the United States exclusively.

Targeting one market allowed them to make sure that everything is on-point, and they perfect the process.

The big question is, how good is ModafinilXL? They are considered by many as the Amazon of Modafinil. The price is very competitive, and they are the only seller that offers free samples with no strings attached. The buyer will have a choice of ten Armodafinil tablet, ten Modafinil tablet or if you like a combination of both.

Free samples are a reliable indicator of how confident the company is in the quality of their pills. All orders are delivered to the buyer’s doorstep within five to seven days. For orders over $80, the shipping is free, and it comes with tracking services.


Another good and reputable Nootropic online vendor is BuyModa. The company is totally American owned, operated by industry veterans, but have less experience in selling Modafinil on the Internet. But to them, that is a significant advantage. Being new to this industry, they can pick what works well for the established companies and ignore what does not work, and BuyModa did that.

To start, BuyModa prices are one of the lowest that you can find on the Internet. If you just discovered this medication, they are offering a big discount, with their four-product sample bundle. It contains ten Modvigil, ten Modalert, ten Waklert and ten Artvigil. It is an excellent way to find out what will work for you before you order large quantities of Nootropic drugs.

To know the rules and regulation when it comes to mail-order purchases from medical vendors outside the United States, click here.

The bad news is, BuyModa is not offering free sample, not like ModafinlXL. Orders are being processed and shipped by the company within 24 hours. Once your package is on its way, they will send you a tracking number for you to monitor the package. You will also get a regular update throughout the process.

Using BuyModa is free, and depending on the location you are in, you are looking at a seven to twelve days delivery time. According to people who used a different kind of online vendors, BuyModa has the best customer service in the industry.

They are the only online vendor that offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week live chat support whole year-round. Their employees are very friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. If you prefer to talk to their customer support using email, it is also available.

Everything you order from the company is fully guaranteed. If you did not receive your order, either they will give you a refund or re-ship the product within 24 hours. After you receive the pills, they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee time frame which you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

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