What Is an IVR System and How Does It Help Pharmacies?

What Is an IVR System and How Does It Help Pharmacies?

Pharmacies fulfill the prescription needs of millions of Americans. Pharmacists handle the various questions and concerns of patients throughout the day, some in person and some on the phone. The constant telephone ringing often interrupts the day as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians rush to fill orders. An IVR system may be the help pharmacies need to have a more productive day without sacrificing the patient experience.

What It Is

An Interactive Voice Response system comes either as an On-Demand IVR Service or stand-alone In-Store IVR System. An IVR system for pharmacies can track usage time of staff and offer training to help staff be more productive. Some offer multiple languages such as English and Spanish to help patients more easily navigate the system in the language of their choice. With limited staff, IVR systems can increase productivity, cut costs and ensure better accuracy in patient prescriptions.

On-Demand IVR

Avoid the investment in hardware and maintenance requirements of a traditional IVR system by using an On-Demand IVR system. Small independent, hospital or chain pharmacies pay only for what they actually use. So, when the staff can answer the phone, they do. When they can’t take a call, the IVR steps in and answers the call then routes the call back to the pharmacy. Pharmacies can integrate the system with their other systems or use alone.

In-Store IVR

A traditional In-Store IVR system maximizes the accuracy of prescriptions by integrating with the existing pharmacy systems. The pharmacy can choose to install a phone system that integrates storewide if they choose. Prescription output increases with the use of an integrated phone system allowing the staff to better meet patient needs.

Key Patient Benefits 

IVR systems offer many benefits to patients in addition to the pharmacy. Patients have the option of refilling their prescriptions at times that suit them instead of only during pharmacy business hours. The computer system in the pharmacy automatically records the refill and sets it up to be filled during standard hours. Messages left by patients can detail if there is a change in the pick-up. Physicians have the option of multiple ways to submit prescriptions instead of just over the phone. They can send in messages via voicemail but also electronically and via fax. Patients can be set up to receive reminder calls when prescriptions need a refill.

Saving time answering the phone doesn’t have to negatively affect the patient experience. IVR systems offer an alternative to aid the pharmacy staff in filling orders, patient counseling and answering questions.

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