When is it time to get a hair transplant?

Suffering from hair loss can be unpleasant, stressful, and in fact cause serious social anxiety for many people. It’s no surprise that hair loss therapies and procedures such as FUE hair transplant surgeries are so popular among those affected by hair loss. However, it’s important to ensure that hair transplants aren’t undertaken too soon, when they may be less effective in the long term, but at just the right time.

Don’t mistake a maturing hairline for a receding one
The biggest factor to consider is age, and how much hair loss is yet to take place. If you’re still young and your hair is just beginning to recede, it’s often better to wait a few years to see where it’s headed. In some cases, a receding hairline is just a normal part of growing older and surgery may be unnecessary, and in others, it is simply better to wait so that further treatments aren’t necessary years down the line. Of course, if hair loss is already causing great distress, it may still be worth treating it early – just be aware that it could cost a little more in the long run.

Hair transplants require patience
It’s important to consider the time it takes for hair transplants to grow into their full glory: you can expect to wait between six and twelve months for a hair transplant to fully take root, depending in part on how long you keep your hair. If you’re intending a hair transplant to revitalise your head of hair in time for a big event or occasion, it’s important to factor this period in too. Provided you’re ready, sometimes it’s better not to put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

Time is money
Another consideration is how much you’ve got in the bank. Hair transplants cost money, and generally speaking, a good quality FUE hair transplant will set you back somewhere between £3000 and £7000. If you’re able to, it’s usually better to save more money and see an experienced and trusted hair transplant surgeon in a few years than it is to rush into a cheaper procedure.

Can it be too late for a hair transplant?
Never say never. It’s true that into their 60s and 70s, many men feel less self-conscious about hair loss, which is by this time very common, and a hair transplant procedure may not be worth the expense or the upheaval. That being said, for those men who do still feel the sting of hair loss, hair transplants can offer excellent results even for patients at an advanced age.

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