How Can Cryotherapy Be Of Help To You?

How Can Cryotherapy Be Of Help To You?

Cryotherapy, also popularly known as cold therapy is a medical therapy or treatment, which uses extremely low temperatures to treat the patients. The fans and propagators of the technique claim that the application of extreme cold can help heal the body both mentally as well as physically. In Bristol, cryotherapy treatment has become a rage with many of the leading options becoming available.

Specific Cryotherapy

There are various ways in which you can enjoy this therapy or treatment. People have the option to either go for a specific body area cryotherapy or can go for full-body cryotherapy. Specific body area cryotherapy usually helps in treating sprains, muscle pain and swelling after soft tissue damage or surgery.

This kind of specific cryotherapy is effected through ice packs, coolant sprays, ice massage and ice baths. Another specific cryotherapy that has gained momentum with the people is the cryotherapy facial. It is usually in the form of facial and as the name suggests, it is specific to the face only.

The treatment that has come under a lot of public praise is the Cryotherapy Facial (Frotox) Treatment. The term ‘Frotox’ is a derivative of the words ‘Botox’ and ‘Freezing’. This method is for the people, who need to de-age their faces, and are at the same time afraid to go for expensive and heavy surgeries. In this procedure, doctors use an extremely cold gas, which is sprayed directly on the face under extremely high pressure. In cities like Bristol, cryotherapy treatment has gained a lot of momentum. Pro. Clinic is one such trusted place where you can find these treatments.

Full-body Cryotherapy

Even though specific cryotherapy has gained momentum, the term itself is still associated with full-body cold therapy. In this, your whole body is submerged in the extremely cold tank, also known as Cryotherapy booth. The setting is somewhat similar to that of a spa.

The whole body, except the head, is inside an enclosed environment of extremely low temperature, which can drop to even negative 200-300 degrees F. Since the temperatures are so low, the period of one session is not very long, and usually lasts three to five minutes. It is not very soothing in initial experiences but tends to get better with every session.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

  1. Weight Loss – Several people are nowadays indulging in Cryotherapy with the sole ambition of losing weight. While studies have shown that cryotherapy alone cannot be very effective in losing weight, it does speed up the process.
  2. Treating Migraine – Cryotherapy cools down and eventually numbs the nerves in the neck region. It also cools the blood passing through intracranial vessels. This helps treat migraines.
  3. Reducing arthritic pain and muscle healing – Ice packs are applied to the pain-inflicted area. Once it is removed, the blood circulation increases and thus speeds up the process of pain relief.

So if you also feel like taking advantage of this new and cheap treatment, just approach the best clinics that provide you with the treatment. Pro. Clinic is one such clinic in Bristol, which provides the best treatment at the lowest prices.

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